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Before you start

The CLI commands to manage API Keys allow you to bring your Arx and applications together. The API Keys created here will draw on all of the unique inputs you have created for the Arx and application that you chose.

When you create your key it is critical that you store it as it will only be displayed once. To preserve the integrity of the key, Onqlave does not keep a record of this. Do not close the final window until you have made this record!

You may need to look at the supported available commands for api keys and base configuration information for API Keys before working with API Keys via CLI.

Create an API key

Who can perform this operation?

To create your api key, your have to specify your application_id, application_technology and arx_id

onqlave key add -a your_application_id -c your_arx_id -t your_application_technology

The output log will include the ID of the newly created APIKey

🎉 Done! API Key created successfully.
API Key ID: apikey--your_api_key
For more information, read our documentation at

Describe an API key

Who can perform this operation?

onqlave key describe your_app_key_id

Output will be formatted in tabular format


List all API keys

Who can perform this operation?

onqlave key list

By default, the result will be formatted in a table.


Delete an API key

Who can perform this operation?

onqlave key delete your_app_key_id

Get base configuration information for API Keys

Before interacting with the API key, you may need to retrieve all the base information about your Arx and application. The most frequently used information when interacting with API key via CLI are IDs of Arx, application and owner

onqlave key base

The output should be similar to to the following:


Explore available commands

onqlave key
This command is used to manage api key resources.

 onqlave key [command]

onqlave key

Available Commands:
 add         add api key by attributes
 base        get base
 delete      delete api key by ID
 describe    describe api key by ID
 list        list api key

 -h, --help   help for key

Global Flags:
     --json   Output logs as JSON.  Set to true if stdout is not a TTY.

Use "onqlave key [command] --help" for more information about a command.