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Our mission

Our mission is to make it easy to incorporate data privacy and protection for the management of sensitive data (PII) throughout your organisation.

To preserve the privacy of your data, it first needs to be protected. The Onqlave alpha release enables you to easily create and manage a personal data store within your applications.

What will you get?

Users of the platform will be able to achieve a distributed trust architecture for the protection of your customer data. By implementing the steps outlined in this documentation, you will be able to protect your data before it leaves your application, meaning neither your cloud users (or Onqlave!) will be able to see it in plain text.

How can we achieve it?

The design ensures data is never exposed to those without access, while reducing the reliance on your cloud provider, as this alone is not enough to prevent attackers and inside threats.

Our tools are designed to help you achieve protection with minimal effort. We have developed and tested quick workflows in our WebApp and CLI, to enable your engineers to rapidly protect and continually manage your data.

We have designed Onqlave to be resilient, performant and scalable, whilst minimising the complexities of key management and cryptography.

We value your feedback

We are excited for you to be part of the Onqlave alpha release. We have been working towards delivering initial features which will form the foundation of an extensive suite of data protection and privacy capabilities in the near future.

On the bottom right corner of any menu, you can see the Provide Feedback button.


By clicking on it, a dialog will appear and let you enter your own comments and thoughts on which part of our product that needs to be improved.


In addition, we welcome any and all feedback you have either through WebApp or at